Ray of hope for ICC T20 World Cup: Perth’s Optus stadium to allow full house crowd

For all those fans who are eagerly waiting for the ICC T20 World Cup 2020 in the month of October- November, this news will cheer you guys up. Since COVID-19 is fairly controlled in Western Australia (WA), the state government announces its plans to allow full- capacity crowds from July 18, 2020. As a result/ Hence, 60,000 fans would get a chance to attend games at Perth’s Optus Stadium.

How will this work?

The Stadium will work on the given situation starting from 18th July, and will be operating in full- capacity, allowing 60,000 fans without any specific restrictions.

On 12th June Australian PM Scott Morrison announced relaxation of coronavirus restrictions that allowed sports stadiums of 40,000 seating to host crowds up to 10,000 for the coming month.

However, due to gradual improvement in WA, the state government decided to permit the stadiums to operate with full capacity from 18th July, 2020.

Statement for T20 World Cup in Australia

This is a great news for the ICC T20 World Cup and is also a sign of how Australia is getting back to its routine sooner than what was expected.

Is there a chance for World Cup Oct-Nov in Australia to take place?

Because of the whole COVID-19 situation, World Cup with the crowd was something which was hardly imaginable, but that is not an issue due to these new developments in Australia.

However, the opening of the borders for the T20 World Cup is still a questionable point to think about. Earlier the Australian government had announced to close the country borders for 6 months starting from March which practically ruled out the T20 World Cup in October.

“I’m not suggesting this is going to happen soon. There’s still a lot of work to do and that needs to get in place,” the Australian PM had recently announced.

Why are CA officials giving negative statements about T20 World Cup when the situation is improving?

If things are improving day by day, why do we hear doubts and negativity about the T20 World Cup in October from the high-ups in Cricket Australia.

The world cup schedule is ‘very high-risk’, stated by Kevin Roberts, the Ex CEO of CA in the month of May.

Furthermore, CA’s Chairman recently mentioned that the T20 World Cup is ‘unlikely this year’.

Meanwhile, with this good news about the stadiums opening up, ICC, the global body of cricket has postponed their decision in regard to the World Cup till the next month.

A Big Knock-back for IPL 2020

On the contrary, this news will be a big setback for the BCCI and the IPL 2020. Any positive news that comes in for the T20 World Cup will decrease the chances for either of the above leagues taking off this year.

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