‘ICC leadership incapable of taking crucial decisions timely’ says BCCI

Board of Cricket Control of India (BCCI) is extremely frustrated with ICC due to the fact that even after 3 Board Meetings no decision has been taken about the T20 World Cup. For BCCI this is very important since IPL 2020 depends on the decision of the T20 World Cup. But the continuous delay of decision making on ICC’s part has led to BCCI calling ICC ‘incapable of taking crucial decisions’.

BCCI official told IANS, “These incessant delays in finalising the election process and also in the decision on the T20 World Cup indicate that the ICC leadership is incapable of taking crucial decisions timely. The ICC top brass needs to answer as to why they are delaying the decision. It seems that the whole world other than them are aware that it is not practical to hold the tournament as per existing schedule,” 

Furthermore the PCB chairman said, “We have had a lot of discussions and the feeling is it (T20 World Cup) would not be possible this year. ICC has World Cups lined up in 2021 and 2023, so we have a gap year where we can adjust this event. God forbid if some player(s) falls ill or mishap occurs during the tournament, it will have a big impact and create panic in the cricket world and we can’t take that risk. “Having a bio-bubble environment is feasible for say a bilateral series like Pakistan in England, but it is very difficult when 16 teams are involved,” 

Due to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, the tournament which is supposed to be held from October 18 to November 15 is still uncertain. The international body said to IANS that the reason behind the delay in decision-making was to ensure that the right call is made.

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